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Vision and Values

Bryn Collen children are nurtured, they are ambitious, innovative, confident and happy learners who enjoy a lifetime of learning and success.


Everyday we make our vision a reality, that is why we are proud to say Ysgol Bryn Collen is an inclusive community. Our staff are dedicated to ensuring the potential of each child is realised. We hold an absolute commitment to do the very best for each of our pupils through extraordinary learning, opportunity and challenge, so that they gain the confidence to achieve more than they thought possible - at a school they LOVE. 


We are committed to ensuring the success and well being of every learner. Our learners aspire to be the best. They are resilient, compassionate and actively utilise the opportunities and challenges that this globally connected, digitally enabled and increasingly transparent world can offer them. We prepare our learners by providing them with both equity and equality of opportunity, setting high expectations and affording them a creative and organic learning environment where they play a full and active role in our community and wider society.