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School app

As a parent or carer with a child at school we know it can be difficult to keep up. Notes and letters stuck to the fridge door (if they even make it home), texts, emails buried in your inbox and the school calendar on the website – it’s all over the place frankly. If only there was a single place for all this information, presented in a way that was accessible wherever you are.

Well now there is – on mySchoolApp! Most of us have smartphones, in fact, many of us now run our lives on our phones, so why shouldn’t your child’s school information be on your phone too?

At Ysgol Bryn Collen, our main form of communication to share information with parents is via mySchoolApp.

When your child starts at our school you will be given a unique code which will then give you access to everything that  goes on, so you will never miss anything that is going on.

Benefits for parents

  • Instant access to an up-to-date school calendar – add events of interest to your own calendar on the phone, with just one tap on the screen.
  • Keep up-to-date with what is happening at the school, wherever you are.
  • Read bite-sized news items as they’re added.
  • Report your child’s absence to the school with the app.
  • Receive important messages and helpful reminders sent by the school.