Ysgol Bryn Collen

  1. Curriculum


The school has implemented creative curriculum innovation, professional learning and reflective practice. This has resulted in
confident pupils who lead their own learning effectively. Classrooms include a Pupil Voice Board for all learners, highlighting
the learners’ planning, skills, lesson ideas and learning. Pupils have a significant voice in shaping the curriculum and their
contributions are valued.



As well as ensuring that the curriculum meets statutory requirements, we have also made great efforts to make what is
taught as interesting and relevant for the pupils as possible. Our new exciting curriculum places the emphasis on what the
children want to learn through challenging, but fun activities.
All staff have worked hard to integrate the requirements of literacy, numeracy frameworks (LNF) and Digital Competence
(DCF) into their curricular planning and teaching. This now forms the backbone to all subject planning and lessons, allowing
teachers to reinforce literacy, numeracy and ICT concepts within the context of other subject areas throughout the day. The
school has purchased approximately £20,000 worth of ICT equipment this year which has made a huge impact on the delivery
of the Digital Competence Framework (DCF).